Hi, I am Martin Mittner.

Welcome to my site, look at what I do and get in touch if we share interests.


Travelling is what I love, especially to colder climates. And sports, too: running, cycling, skiing and anything else that drives the heartbeat up.
Born in Prague, Czech Republic, I live in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Somewhere in Siberia

Biking up Passo Stelvio

Over Altai Mountains

Testing water in Baikal Lake

Biking down Carretera Austral, Chile

Canyoning in Pyrenees

Family Name

Although it looks like a typical German name, the surname "Mittner" is actually very rare. Nowadays, you can find people bearing this name mostly in Germany, but as well in Austria, Czech Republic, United States, South Africa, Australia and probably other places as well.
If you are a Mittner, check the family tree to see if there is a connection:

Czech branch | Moravian branch

I am not the only Martin Mittner in this world but there are not many of us. So far I know about one living in Brno, Czech Republic, one in US and another (Maarten) in South Africa. If you are also Martin Mittner, let me know.


Do we share interests? Let me know!

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